Keep the Prayers Coming!

The team has been att led at multiple levels from Satan.  Suzette was ill yesterday, Angela couldn’t find the only key to one of the rooms, a spirit of divisiveness tried to divide the team unity.  We feel your prayer support and are very grateful for it!

Today, we are reading to Cruz Alta to evangelize. We are expecting a lot more spiritual warfare.  Pray for us to remain united, for wisdom on what to say to the people and especially for Barbara and Angela who will be sharing their testimonies at church tonight.  Pray that our translators, Luis and Kenya, will have wisdom and patience as they translate for us.

Brenda is sharing a story in lower grades
Brenda is sharing a story in lower grades

We are looking forward to sharing the marvelous work of God on our return.


Our Ministry Days

Today begins the heart of our ministry.  For the next three days, we will be bringing lessons to the children on how God can use us no matter who we are, what our age, what our circumstances, or what we see.  We are challenging the students to put faith into action.  You can be sure that Satan isn’t going to like this one bit!  We will work with students learning English today, too.  They will be learning how to solve problems God’s way, using the gifts that He has given them and how to practice kindness in a meaningful way.  We are also evangelizing by hosting a women’s Bible study and visiting door to door to talk to the Hondurans about Jesus.  Here are our prayer requests for these three days:

  1. Pray that the students will take God’s word into their hearts and apply it in a new and challenging way.
  2. Pray for safety as we travel to the different schools.
  3. Pray for us to speak boldly about the Lord and how to enter into relationship with us.
  4. Pray that Satan will be barred from interfering with our ministry.
  5. Pray for hearts to be softened toward God and for relationships to be built and strengthened between the Hines and the people.
  6. Praise God for using us mightily during this time.

We can do all things through Christ!  He is our sure strength and foundation!

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