About This Site

Welcome to the site for the 2016 Honduras Mission of First Baptist Church Atlanta! We would first like to welcome you and thank you for visiting. The group is called to be servants of God and proclaimers of Christ in Honduras for one week during the month of June in 2016. We aim to serve the people of La Campa and the surrounding areas by using the myriad of God-given talents that our team members possess.

About The Mission

First Baptist Church Atlanta, in conjunction with Frontline Missions, is sponsoring this mission trip to La Campa, Honduras, during the latter half of June 2016. There are currently two missionaries, Greg and Jean Hines, in the area long-term.

We are currently in the process of the planning stages of the mission, assessing the current needs of our missionaries as well as the needs of the area. We expect, at the least, to be ministering to the local population via Biblical teaching as well as foundational VBS study with local children. If God opens other opportunities to us, that will also be wonderful.

In all we do, we wish to be in accordance with God’s Will as written in His Word. We ask for your prayers so that we may do this humbly and faithfully, all to the glory of God. As in 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 – we may plant or we may water, but it is only God who gives the growth.

About La Campa

La Campa, in the Honduran department of Lempira, is situated in the mountains of western Honduras. The town of roughly 6500 is about 18 kilometers south of Gracias, the largest town in the immediate region. The terrain in the area is hilly and somewhat mountainous, with multiple smaller towns and villages dotting the surrounding hills. With the town being situated in the inland mountains of Honduras, the weather is relatively cool and temperate for most of the year.

Many of the inhabitants of La Campa and the surrounding area are of Lenca descent – a group of indigenous people living primarily in southwestern Honduras and eastern El Salvador. The people of the area are agrarian and communal, with La Campa being known a center of Lenca pottery production. The area is predominantly Roman Catholic, with some communities still retaining many indigenous traditional traditions.