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Final Thoughts

We made it back safely!  Wow, what an experience!  A huge thank you to all our supporters who prayed diligently even when I couldn’t post updates like I had planned.  It wasn’t until I met today with Fred Jones, our missions director, that I found out that not all of the scheduled posts appeared to have posted while we were on the field.  I apologize for that.  Sometimes technology can be so fickle!

God did an excellent work on the field.  We were able to minister to many women, children, and families throughout our time in Honduras.  The English language lessons went very well.  There was an instant rapport between Jesus, Angela, and Suzette that led to a lot of positive interaction with the students.  They were very appreciative of having the time to work on their English skills and learn how to apply the Bible to their lives at the same time.

The team was deeply touched by the struggles of Pastor Tulio from Cruz Alta.  If you have never had the chance to talk with someone who has suffered for the cause of Christ, you are missing something very special.  Pastor Tulio has experienced more persecution for bringing the Gospel to his community than I would ever hope to encounter.  Keep him in your prayers as he continues to take a stand for Christ!

Finally, don’t forget to join us July 10th, at First Baptist Atlanta for our team report.  We will share with you all the details, pictures, and (hopefully) some of the wonderful tea we were served in Honduras.  Look for more information in this week’s bulletin and posted here by early next week.

Almost There!

Today the team will be traveling home.  We cannot wait to get back and share all of our experiences, but at the same time we are sad that the mission is coming to an end.  Our friendships have grown stronger and God has moved in us in a mighty way.  There is bound to be an enemy attack, so we are needing your support to see us home.

  1. Pray that Satan will not drag us down as we travel home.
  2. Pray that we will travel home safely, both on the flight and in our cars.
  3. Pray that we will not have any difficulty turning in the rental vehicle or passing through customs.
  4. Praise God for this wonderful mission!

Thank you to all of our supporters!  We couldn’t have done this without you!  Even though you didn’t physically come to Honduras, you were still a part of this team because we carried you with us in our hearts.  Only God knows what the results in eternity will be, but you can be sure He will remember you, too!  Praise the Lord!

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