Monthly Archives: April 2016

The “To Do” List Grows!

Our team meeting tomorrow, May 1st, will focus on several different areas. First, our team building! We will be sharing our testimonies with each other and building relationships over a delicious meal of pizza.
Second, we will be signing up for devotions. Suzette will bring tomorrow’s devotion as we talk about the harvest.
Third, we will begin developing our areas of ministry (most likely to be referred to in the future as pods). The three main areas are children’s ministry, women’s ministry, and ESOL to middle school students. We will discuss our other options to decide what is reasonable for us to develop. Our ministry will include going more in-depth on walking by faith.

Updates for the team:
1) Departure date is June 18. We will leave GA at 9:50 and arrive in Honduras at 11:10. It is a 3 hour trip, but they are 2 hours behind us.
2) Return date is June 25, departing Honduras at 1 pm. We will arrive back in Atlanta at 6:16 pm.
3) We will be renting a van/truck. If you are interested in driving, be prepared to volunteer soon! Anyone drive a stick shift??
4) Hepatitis A series is recommended. Make sure your tetanus is up to date.
5) If you want to buy permethrin, it is available at R.E.I. It comes in several different sizes to meet your needs.

See you tomorrow!